Discs Shipped, etc.

The discs shipped out today, so they should arrive in about two days. Obviously there was frisbee today, especially since the weather was beautiful.

Computerwise, in the half-hour or so I spent programming I kinda figured out how to make a multi-client echo server in Java that doesn't crap out after it has been accessed the number of times that it is supposed to support at one time, not overall. I'm using some thread crap with the...nevermind. Just email me if you want the source. I'm going to need this for my computer science final (due this Friday,) so it wasn't such a waste of time despite the program's current uselessness.

I actually have real work today; school is almost over though. The summer reading program is being canceled after some bitch whose husband has influence in the district wanted to ban certain books from reaching her son. We were assigned three books of which we are supposed to choose two, but we may not even have to read those.

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This was written on Monday, June 09, 2003 by Lenny.


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