Eek! Random!

Guess what I did after school? If you guessed frisbee you win a pat on the back...from yourself. I am anticipating the arrival of my mom, discs, and brother.

Today was yet another cool day. The last couple of weeks have really kicked ass although one might expect me to be anxious for summer and not like these last weeks.

Dave Kopel said that he wanted me to mention his site so: It's a tech forum.

Today is/was less intense in schoolwork than yesterday. In Global we're doing more practice Regents, which at first were entertainingly easy but are now just plain annoying. In English we're reading a pretty cool play by Arthur Miller with Mr. Minor doing stage direction. He wore his salmon shirt today. Chem is in review mode, with what looks to be work but is incredibly easy. Photo is probably my hardest class right now, with a project deadline impeding. Math is Regents review, but I manage to bullshit my way through class without doing anything. Spanish we're doing actual work for review. And lastly in Comp. Sci. I am doing the final for two other people.

I improved both my flick and hammer today. On the hammer I wasn't extending my arm all the way before. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, come to the field at Brower and Skillman at 2:40 tommorow.

This post is horribly disorganized. Cheers.

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This was written on Tuesday, June 10, 2003 by Lenny.


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