Hybrid Cars

Right now people are too used to their gas-guzzling internal-combustion or diesel cars to make hydrogen fuel-cell-, elecric-, or solar-powered cars realistic today. Research in new technologies is important, but more money should be invested into hybrids.

The EPA, DOE, DOT or whoever actually has the right to do so should tax fuel-inneficient cars such as SUVs to

  1. decrease the appeal of producing and buying such cars, and
  2. make the price of hybrid cars comparable to standard cars.

Hybrid cars are not much of a lifestyle change, since they never have to be charged like traditional electric cars and are filled up at the pump just as easily as normal cars.

References: Hybrids cost substantially more than their gasoline-only counterparts.

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This was written on Thursday, July 31, 2003 by Lenny.


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