Weekend or A Boring Personal Tale

I apologize to the reader for the personal narrative, something I’m usually against putting on this site, so if you don’t know me and the other people I write about this will be completely uninteresting to you. I’ll try to avoid doing this too much.

Friday was the pep rally. I went to the pep rally two years ago when I was a naïve freshman. Last year our football team lost homecoming 49 – 0. I have no school spirit. It’s not that I dislike the school—there are plenty of great people, staff and students, an extensive library, and so on. School spirit is not about school in the least. It’s classism. And it’s mandatory.

The rally started eighth period, so the frisbee team, which (surprise, surprise) was not dancing around in front of the rest of the school, came out to play. The dean drove by to tell us that our teachers have the right to mark us absent but did not try to kick us out. Elvis, in all of his senility, tried just that. Locking himself out of the school, as he so often does, he came to yell at us for something which we were already given the right to o by a higher authority. Mark (a.k.a. John Marx) decided it would help our argument very much to moon Elvis, as well as the female security guard who came for backup by this point. Elvis said that he didn’t mind seeing Mark’s ass, but he would most certainly be in deep shit for sexually harassing the other guard.

We played some more frisbee and had a lengthy argument with Elvis about how we’re not doing anything wrong and, from his point of view, about how we kids think adults are stupid, an argument we never made about adults in general, just Elvis. To make a long story short, absolutely nothing happened to Mark and only one disc was confiscated.

Ian’s bike was stolen and then recovered by a pizzeria.

I was the target of the highest-flying mailbox. Ever.

I later walked with Justin, Brian, AJ, and Frank to Lynbrook along Sunrise Highway, which was made all the scarier by AJ’s presence.

Justin wrote another account of the day.

Yesterday I finally saw The Matrix: Reloaded with Andrew.

And finally, I woke up today to a surprise: an extra hour! Booyah!

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This was written on Sunday, October 26, 2003 by Lenny.


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