B-B-B-Beja and the Net

Sing it! Marc came home early this morning. The campaign is officially closed. He’s back to deal with his problems. We welcome him with open arms. Or something like that.

My school broke the Internet, which led me to believe that the whole of the Internet was broken, but a quick check at Google News reassured me that only a small community was affected. I don’t know if somebody cracked the system or if the school, in a most idiotic fashion, did it intentionally, but a wildcard was set up for the com and net domains. I thought Verisign did it again. If I put in a bullshit domain ending in com I would go to some dirty-looking spammer’s or squatter’s directory site, but the greatest problem was that I would also reach it for certain domains such as blogger.com, which I needed to spread my disgust with what happened.

Now I’m at home with my reliable lack of idiocy. The school simply doesn’t get it. I downloaded Mozilla Firebird, so they blocked it for everybody after me. They didn’t block the FTP site however, so people are still free to download it. They can block all they want and break some stuff along the way, but normal people couldn’t do any damage anyway and geek will always find a way to circumvent the school’s authority. Why won’t they just give up and stop being so damn imposing?

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This was written on Monday, November 10, 2003 by Lenny.


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