Best. Costumes. Ever.

Halloween was awesome. I dressed up as God. I wore a mattress cover and a beard Marc bought for me. It was pretty believable, although a common misconception was that I was Moses, Jesus, or Father Time. I won’t settle for prophets or messiahs—when I blaspheme I go all out. Dovid was so offended I can’t help but laugh, especially since absolutely nobody else was offended. Not the old, not the young, not the non-Dave religious—just Dave. I see nothing wrong with a bit of sacrilege, especially at his expense.

My compadres for lunch were

The math department had fun. Mrs. Spector dressed up as Mr. Ross and Mr. Ross as Mrs. Spector. I don’t think anybody will have respect for that man ever again. Either that or they will gain more respect, but it must be one of the extremes.

Some other costumes of note were

Jeff surprisingly, did not dress as the Pillsbury Doughboy.

I went to play frisbee in my God suit. Rob Greco, being the dick that he is, decide to try to knock me over. Within half a minute he was pinned to the ground at the mercy of the almighty. He ended up leaving with the burden of the embarrassment of having his ass kicked by a fairly small cloaked person who didn't expect to wrestle. It turned out to be a great game with Turk, Holo, and Steve coming back from college.

I then walked around a bit with Sam and Mike (a.k.a Penis) trick-or-treating at stores. To great surprise, a Chinese restaurant gave out the best candy, or at least the most exotic. We eventually went back to Sam’s house to make music.

And now here I am concluding the best, costume-wise, Halloween ever. I can’t get the taste of fake beard out of my mouth.

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This was written on Saturday, November 01, 2003 by Lenny.