Endless Nameless

Say what you will, but today is Friday. As I walked into my physics class, Bret Tenenhaus handed me this poem, entitled Leonid the Lion:

Hello Lenny Hello
It’s good to see you in Physics
You are a work of power
And its true
That Power equals money
And work equals time

Hello Leonid Hello
Its tough to look over your fro
That smile on your face fills people with light
And your knowledge of Physics
Is so very vast

Hello Mr. Lion hello
You are weird to Brian Hochhauser
But that is okay
That’s what you like to say
Because Work is time
And power is money

Maybe you know your shit
Or maybe you don’t
But either way you use my graphing calculator
You claim to be the son
Of Michael Jackson
But that’s only because
You use the ABC mode
Kak Dela Lenny
Privet Lenny Privet

Capitalization was accurate. Bret also wrote one for Scott Weiss.

After school I went to the Kalner thing which was only a few minutes. The course was accepted by Dr. Brown. History of the Future will have at least one twenty week class taught by Mr. Kalner.

We played some ultimate frisbee without people from college. Nobody from college showed up to frisbee, although they did come to school during school hours. Kalner joined us in frisbee at the end. He has a really strong and stable throw, so with a bit of practice he can probably become very good.

My mother is coming home today from Israel. I had to get home early (as in before 5:00) to vacuum the house before her arrival, but while grumbling and vacuuming I discovered a package containing my Amazon order, so now as I blog I am listening to John Frusciante.

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This was written on Wednesday, November 26, 2003 by Lenny.