Yesterday Mr. Ehrman said that the three S’s of bad homework are: skippy, sloppy, and late. Mr. Kalner said that those were his goldfish.

For the people who make websites among my readership, A List Apart 164 is out. I haven’t yet read the articles, so don’t yell at me if they suck.

Today was quite awesome after school. We started frisbee with I believe twenty-two people. We eventually cut down to normal teams. We ordered pizza right onto the field. It ended after five with us playing with a non-glowing frisbee which comes into sight when ten feet away from your face. It was just an overall period of friendliness: even Potts managed to hold back his urges to piss everybody off. While we were eating the pizza some people came to film themselves shooting golfballs at the school. Nobody was hurt. Good times...

Good luck to all of the thespians in Our Town.

Dovid got me to join USALUG even though I use Windows. It seems pretty good, in the geekish sense of the word.

I must now advertise for Lippy’s blog. Despite his computer illiteracy, he managed to whip together a good blog. For your enjoyment, a thorough review:

Well that’s enough bashing and promotion bundled into one juicy, creamy, tangy, smooth—I must be hungry—right then. Lippy kicks ass.

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