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Mr. Skinner proposed a club called “Rolling Potheads.” The club operates on the “hit for hit” method. In this club the members walk around and looking for stoners. They then beat them up and take their money. Will this really solve problems? That&tsquo;s not the point of the club.

Kalner blasted 80s pop including Mickey while we were taking a quiz. This was supposedly to keep us from making any extrenous noise ourselves since we would not be able to hear Alex Roth announce the answers that way. I’m sure the real reason was to just expose the depths of his trouble mind to us.

Dan has two new quotes, which are mostly enjoyable only to those who know Dan:

Sam: If life gives you Easter, make lemons

Hopefully this site will be dead soon. That sounds kind of grim, but actually I want to make a new site with a better host, a better domain name, and a better publishing system. Don’t expect this too soon since I’m not quite sure about whether it’s worth paying for.

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This was written on Friday, November 07, 2003 by Lenny.


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