I withdraw my former opinion regarding anime, that it sucks. I had previously disliked it, but I now know that the only reason for that, aside from choppy animation, is that the anime I had seen was created solely to exploit brainwashed American children. My dislike for what I had seen from the genre did not smother my curiosity, which was fueled by my friendship with several people who are not moronic, but had the seeming flaw of being entertained by the repulsive cartoons.

I recently got a torrent containing high-quality rips of all twenty-six sessions of Cowboy Bebop and have thus far watched seven. The next session, Waltz for Venus, is supposedly the best of the series. I have enjoyed the show (thoroughly) and await more of the exciting plot, great jazz, and outstanding cinematography found in Bebop.

Other anime I have been advised to watch includes:

Comments are open for other good anime, although I will probably only get a small portion of the recommendations.

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This was written on Monday, December 08, 2003 by Lenny.


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