A Cease and Desist Notice Written Quite Directly to Justin and Ashley

When reading aggregated LiveJournals your userpics are damn confusing.

[a photo of Ashley with the subtitle "clearly, i am so very lucky"] [a photo of Justin with the subtitle "justin is a snuggle"]
Exhibit A: The original, backwards userpics.

This is just annoying enough for me to take action. Here are the amended pics I whipped up:

[a photo of Ashley and Justin with the subtitle "I am Justin"] [a photo of Ashley and Justin with the subtitle "I am Ashley"]
Exhibit B: A two-minute fix to the problem.

I urge both of you to use the new pictures. If you are not Justin or Ashley, just drop a comment expressing your disgust with the deception and write your support for the change.

Update #1: Justin refuses...as of yet.

A Very Late Update #2: So does Ashley.

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This was written on Friday, December 26, 2003 by Lenny.