Today fell the first snow of the season. It was very light and did not stick, but this is a good sign. Yeah, skiing is axesome.

The insides of Lisa Sherry’s mind were exposed today with this method of remembering when to use por or para in Spanish.

For por, the acronym is Deo-BB-Pimp, which stands for

For para, the acronym is Dipfud, which stands for

Psh! And the leprechaun on my shoulder said that I was a bit insane!

Tomorrow I am going to Washington, DC with Kalner, a couple other teachers, and over ninety students. They expect me to be at school, awake and functional, at 5:40 tomorrow morning. It should be fun after the initial shock of waking up. We are going to watch Batman on the bus.

I am in the process of signing up with audblog for the free trial of audio blogging. I plan to use it in Washington to keep my readers (those not is Washington) up to date.

I leave you with a quite large picture.

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This was written on Tuesday, December 02, 2003 by Lenny.