My first piece of hatemail came from West Virginia today. He responded to a Usenet post I made publicizing the apology to Vietnam.

His Email
From:"James Watson" <scb01513@mail.wvnet.edu>
Date:Sun, 30 Nov 2003 21:25:53 -0500

Hay Larry,

You "Apologize" all you want to "for yourself" ! As for me Hell will Freeze over. Give me my M-16 back and I'll go back and get my Left Leg, Right Foot and Left Hand. And see how many more I can take with me....


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My Response

Thanks for your concern, James. I'm sorry about your injuries in the war. Take care!

I certainly do feel sorry for James and his veteran buddies, but in my original post I explicitly downplay the politics and plea for compassion for civilians from civilians.

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