Sympathy for the Devil

Yes, those are my holiday greetings. Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while, this has been a hectic week, with all that work and what not. I could've updated yesterday, but I was in a bad mood after a fight with the parental units. Hey anyway, look at Lenny's blog, he hasn't updated since Jesus discovered those mountains on Jupiter. So get a life! Jeez, what a loser, reading my blog. Do yourself a favor and go back to your daily pornographic scavenger hunt. Ok, you've taken a sufficient amount of abuse, but Lenny hasn't. Lenny, you are an insult to this international tribunal, and your fro is eating into that floating hamster you call a brain. There, now Lenny is done too. But there is one more evil that must be dispelled!

. . .

Then in Mr. Skinner's class we sat and talked the whole time, though we were supposed to be doing an essay. I ended up talking with that walking bowel obstruction named Lenny. Ok, sorry Lenny, I'm done. (I don't want to incur his wrath, because I know he's gonna get back at me on his blog) Thats if he's man enough.

Why, you write as if I were your only reader, Lippy. I would make fun of you, but I feel sorry for you. So pathetic, indeed. I hope you don't end up in some bachelor pad living with a brain-dead fat former porn-star with a mustache.

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This was written on Saturday, December 20, 2003 by Lenny.


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