Evil is a relative term

Via the Google Weblog, I bring you Google DomainPark. If you've ever wanted to be the dirt of the web but did not know where to start, why not with Google? Increasingly, Google is breaking it's rule of "don't be evil". As the weblog, not endorsed by Google, writes,

On the other hand, better Google than someone who will fill the page with popups and banner ads, I guess.

Well, perhaps that is so, but does this mean we should provide gangs with non-leathal nerve gases to prevent murder? And besides, modern browsers prevent popups and there are intrusive advertising host blacklists available.

Google is still great. It is my startup page for its lightweight interface and great utility. My Mozilla uses Google as its default search, and in fact, I have absolutely no need for a general web search besides it. Google is very innovative, and often puts out new services and features. I am not an anti-Google advocate, but by this point, with an IPO coming up, Google is no virgin in a sea of disgustingly entrepreneurial websites.

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This was written on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 by Lenny.


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