Daily Nostalgia

Stupid things done recently include running through pouring rain to Farmer Joel's with Marc, Justin, and Carl to buy doughnut holes instead of gym with both teachers absent, watching Justin do the robot run on ice, buying only one box of doughnut holes, returning to school in said rain instead of hitchhiking, being denied access to a bathroom to dry off by bitchy hall monitor despite the fact that the smell of fresh pot smoke was permeating from it, drying off with paper towels in a less monitored bathroom, sitting in physics while soaked, denying leaving the building to Craig, telling Craig the truth after being asked just one more time, playing arena frisbee, freestyle due to a lack of organization, in the gym for the few minutes before being kicked out by the basketball team not wearing any shoes, socks, sweatshirt, or half of my pants due to their dampness, comparing SUVs to children with pituitary disorders, writing in one long sentence rather than marking it up as a list, and finding the RSDB (via Sam) entertaining.

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This was written on Friday, February 06, 2004 by Lenny.


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