Random Carp

Presented by Lenny Domnitser, of RFC 3092 erratum fame.

Any hardcore Justin Mirsky fan can tell you this already, but his phone conversation at Taco Bell consisted of the following lines before any real sentences or even half-decent clauses:

[Justin's valentine] Even more disturbing is his valentine for me and pretty much everybody besides Charles Tecumseh Cook. It reads:

Happy Valetine's Day!
from all your friends at the leper colony...
To: Lenny
From: Justin
Sincerely, Justin

How touching. If this random crap was not enough for you, stay tuned for me bashing the school newspaper, this time not for lack or news, but for Marc's (and the rest of the team's) shitty editing job, in the next edition of Action Cool News 5.

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This was written on Friday, February 13, 2004 by Lenny.