Unnecessary Bashing

You've waited. Here it is. My school newspaper, the Sider Press, has no news, but this post is dedicated not to the writers, but instead to the editors. I found many errors, some funny, but due to certain time constraints, mostly my own but also my readers', I present the two funniest.

[typo reading 'eof']
Unfortunately I was unable to finish the article due to an unexpected EOF.
[more newsprint: reads, 'Everyone knows that the Winter Olympics are being held this summer in Athens, Greece.']
This is by far the most hilarious thing I've read in the Sider Press. The author is the same person as the editor, and they did not catch this fact that everybody should know.

I have nothing against the editors, in case you thought I was being bitter. I just find these hilarious.

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This was written on Monday, February 16, 2004 by Lenny.