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Mozilla has released version 0.8 of its experimental web browser, Firefox. If you have been up to date with happenings over at Mozilla, you know that this browser was previously called Firebird, and before that it was Phoenix. The name keeps getting worse with every release. By 1.0, it will be called Firetortoise. I still use Seamonkey because it still has many features I would like to see in Fire(insert flavor of the month here) such as the Site Navigation Bar, but every new release of (damn, I don't know what to call this browser!) has brought a significant improvement, and I must admit that the former Netscape browser is indeed very crufty. I expect nothing but the best from Fire(bleh)'s future.

Update: Ian suggests Fireplatypus.

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This was written on Monday, February 09, 2004 by Lenny.


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