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You know Lenny, this is surprisingly an issue I feel strongly about. I think that too few people have a concept of God and that if people were less secular and had more faith society as a whole would be better. I think that saying whatever you want to say is protected by amendment numero uno, and that a wrod, does not make people change. Just saying under god does not mean that you will soon be baptized by a priest. Just to say a word is harmless. I think these days too many people are backlashing against religion, just becuase they dont like their lives.

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“Under God” is two words. Do not underestimate the power of two words. The two words “Hail Hitler” killed millions of people. Hitler’s rise to power was based on social appeal and propoganda. This brings to mind the scene from “The Sound of Music” right before the concert where the officer visits the Von Trapp family and says “Hail Hitler” strongly several times, and gets Captain Von Trapp to reluctantly say it as well.

Not that I consider religious references in the Pledge of Allegiance to be on par with Nazi propoganda, but those two words have a very important meaning. They say that this country is based upon Judeo-Christian morals. That was the purpose of my closing line:

What will they do next: ban morality in schools because it stemmed from religion?

It is true, though, that our society is based on these morals, so it is idiotic to deny that. It is much like Jews that call the era after Christ CE instead of AD because they don’t believe that he was the Messiah. It is still based upon him.

As long as no religion is forced upon anybody and nobody is persecuted because of their beliefs I see nothing wrong with an allusion to our foundations.

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