Enter Mailman

As I log into Blogger to edit this site, I see:

As an active Blogger user, we would like to invite you to be one of the first to try out Google's new email service, Gmail.

Would you like to give it a whirl? YES / NO

Pretty cool, I would say. I never knew how people were selected for beta testing. It turns out they are targeting people who use their other services and would create hype about Gmail. Well, they have succeeded, since clearly by posting this I am spreading the word.

The interface seems very good and fast. Though they do discrminate against the blind and Javascript-less, I will probably use it anyway.

I cannot give much of a review since I am not a heavy email user, but I am sure you can turn to a web search for that.

If you want to send me a message there, the address is the username "Ldrhcp" at the domain "gmail.com".

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This was written on Friday, April 23, 2004 by Lenny.