Combat Afternoon Weariness

Justin writes:

I’ve been taking too many naps lately... I need to start on caffeine or something. Talk to you all later. Peace.

I never intentionally take afternoon naps, though I sometimes (rarely) become tired and just pass out at about five o’’clock (more on this later.) This happened more a year or three ago—I have been pretty good lately.

Some bashfully non-scientific** notes:

I promised information on the passing out. This generally occurs in the room in my house directly above the boiler room. If I keep the door and windows closed, it get’s quite hot, and I start microsleeping. Before I know it, I’m gone. If you notice a similar effect, try moving your operations in the short term, and sleeping more at night in the long term.

** I have no studies supporting what I said. It is a collection of things I picked up here and there and my own observations of myself when I don’t sleep and exercise enough.

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This was written on Thursday, March 03, 2005 by Lenny.


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