Two Games

  1. I considered calling it "Frockey" or "Friskey." Justin likes "European Frockey." My favorite name, though, is "The Hosbies." Three-on-three Ultimate on a hockey rink, except instead of passing to a teammate in the end zone, you score by throwing the disc through the goal from one of the face-off circles.
  2. This one is solitaire. Equipment: 1. can from macaroons (coffee would be suitable,) empty and topless; 2. clicky pen. Place the can on a table. Click the pen open, and press the clicker against the table, depressed. Slide the pen toward the can and release. Small scale basketball. If it becomes too easy, shoot three-pointers.

Credits: the guys for the first and a bored me for the second.

Update: Carl comes up with the best name: Canadian Frisbee.

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This was written on Friday, May 06, 2005 by Lenny.


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