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The air show was good fun. I was lazy and didn’t write about it until now, even though it happened on Memorial Day weekend, and now it’s June 14. I took pictures there and put twenty-seven of them on Flickr, even though you can only see twenty-six. Proof that I am lazy is that the pictures do not come with descriptions.

This one I want to describe, though. There is nothing there. Or is there? Contemplate it.

Jets are fast.

Jet Zen is about speed, but those that have never been to an air show should be told that jets are loud, too. The subsonic planes did some sweet stuff, but the thing that “you really have to be there to experience” is watching a jet fly by quietly and then hearing its monstrous roar not so hot on its trail.

Those planes are such an engineering marvel. I am ashamed to be so amazed, since I know that they exist to drop bombs on people.

Andrew made fun of me for having spell check in every corner of my computer. This is just damn entertaining:

The blood bank called me . [sic] They LOVE my blood. Im [sic] not even killing [sic], the nurse that took my blood was so happy to see my viens [sic]

(Emphasis is mine.) Does this mean anything? Probably not.

Tomorrow is the last day of high school. I will see my closest friends over the summer, and then far less. A lot of people I will not see at all after tomorrow. Hmm.

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