Oh, yeah, I have this blog thing.

To avoid writing about the summer, a classmate’s suicide, arrival at college, and the horrible state of New Orleans, I announce a retroactive hiatus from writing here.

Actually, let’s push that hiatus forward, too. I like the Web, so I’ll put stuff on this site or elsewhere, just don’t expect any regularity. Don’t expect anything, really.

Contact: I haven’t written much on this site for a while, but communication is still a good thing. After much resistance, I made one of those facebook profiles, which I said were pointless, but actually are useful for getting people’s phone numbers and screen names. Mine has my contact info and classes, if that interests you. If you’re not on Facebook, my AIM name is Ldrhcp and my email address is the same thing at gmail.com.

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This was written on Sunday, September 04, 2005 by Lenny.


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