Lenny's Old Old Blog: October 2005

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I read that Fall foliage usually peaks in mid-October. Throughout October there were beautiful colors, but I still saw too much green. Since I haven’t yet bought one of those fancy digital cameras, film photography being the pain that it is and I being as lazy as I am, put off shooting the nature preserve until it was ripe.

Today, October 25, it snowed. After lunch I grabbed my camera, knowing that while I probably will not get any traditional Fall photos this year, I have my first opportunity to shoot Fall colors against Winter snow. I turn the camera on and see that I'm out of juice, with no replacement.


Friday, October 07, 2005

Into the shower, clothes on. I change from brown back to tan. I blow my nose and mud comes out. Washing the back of my head drips mud into my face. My chest, elbows, and knees have long red streaks along them, from sliding about 25 feet through course mud. Shower #2, no clothes, soap, shampoo. It stings when the soap touches my chest. There were rocks on the field, or puddle, whatever you want to call the playing area. Several hours later, my eye feels irritated. I pull my skin back, reach into the eye socket, and pull out dirt and grass.

These were fun games:

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